Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Out With the Old. . . :(

I'm a little disappointed at the level of interest people have of this blog. Both we volunteers for not posting more regularly/often and also of anyone who is supposedly reading this for never commenting on the well written, witty commentary of the events that shape our weeks. Regardless, this is the weekly update for July 20-27th:

On Sunday we attended a fantastic, elaborate wedding ceremony for Patrick from Town Council. Jackie, Ashley, Rylee, Ashley W., Seren, Kira and Emily went to the pre-ceremony praise session which lasted a good three hours before the hour + long wedding in Mukono. After the ceremony was the reception at the Nora Complex in Lugazi. The Mukono celebration was a waste of time compared to the festivities later in the evening. Deo even introduced us in the middle of the reception as the guests of honor and had us stand in the front of the hall. Thanks Deo.

Monday was spent in a dizzying attempt to visit and say goodbye to all the partners our departing volunteers needed to see. It was rough for some, amazing for others, but I think everyone started to feel the reality of going home. Chrissy and Emily went to observe at Little Angels Primary School to prepare for teacher training, a few people went to work on a stove and others attended to their PWD visits. It was a weird day.

Tuesday was equally weird. Irene cooked us a fantastic lunch as it was to be our last time all together in Uganda. Aloshus brought the people from the Mayor's house to the main house with all their luggage and then the rest of the volunteers packed up. Most of us had a rough time saying goodbye, even though we will most likely reunite in a little over a month. The worst part was seeing the family and Edith cry as the kids on the street ran after the bus as they all drove away. I couldn't help but cry. The people with whom I've spent hours and hours every day were leaving--just like that. It's weird how it feels like we've always known each other, even though it had only been 6 weeks for some and 11 for the others.
That night we rented some speakers and went down to the Cornerstone Orphanage in Nakazadde to watch Cars with the kids. They loved it. I think they understood English better than the kids at St. Edwards when we tried to watch Shrek with them.

Wednesday was BUSY!!! All the energy from the third wave rubbed off on the rest of the house and we all picked up and got going on all our projects again. We hustled around doing stoves and PWD home visits and writing up project proposals. We sorted and cataloged all the books we have collected and placed the more advanced books in the recently constructed Lugazi Hill View Library. It looks fantastic!!! Then Stephanie and the team had a great discussion with the students about playing sex safely. Our St. Edward's playdate went well also, we watched The Little Mermaid together. Next Wednesday will most likely be our last with that group.

Thursday was a PWD miracle! Seren taught a bodacious lesson on the importance of bonding with your children. Faith had the new volunteers introduce themselves and then had James Brown give a little speech. Afterward, she spoke to the group--for a while. The individual homevisits went extremely well and the new energy of the volunteers has been opening discussion on what to do next with each of their new friends.

On Friday, the rain spoiled some of our plans. We were hoping to finish filling the Kikawula stove, but didn't get too far before we got drenched. The other PWD home visits went really well and the kids and volunteers are really bonding well. Our AIDS support group went really well too. The Mamatoto choir is coming along and they have a great time when they get together.
After work the majority of the group left for Sipi Falls (aka the garden of Eden) and I'm not sure what happened after that because I went to bed around 9pm. \

It was a very busy week, and we are so excited for the good energy that's rejuvenated us. We look forward to more good work and busy schedules.
Thanks for reading--if you did. If you did--leave a comment.
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TOR's Time to Travel said...

HELLO!! Sounds like you all are keeping busy. It's a hard time here in the USA adjusting and such. AND, it is weird with how different the living situation is here. LOVE IT every day there because i miss it immensely. LOVE YOU GUYS. --TOR

Katie Sue said...

I read! I do read! I love! Post more!!!

Mindy said...

Just wanted to let you all know that I AM reading! I love to hear everything. You guys are so awesome - keep up the good work!!