Friday, July 17, 2009

Seya School

About two times a week several volunteers go to Seya Primary School. It is a primary school that is located about twenty minutes outside of Lugazi. It is a gorgeous drive and a relaxing time on a boda. We teach all classes, ranging from P1-P7, with subjects such as English, hygiene, sanitation, safety, mathematics, and science. Sometimes they make us teach nursery and it is really difficult because we don’t speak Lugandan well and they don’t speak English well. The school has 4 temporary shelters that they use as classrooms, one of which was built by HELP last year. They basically just have a roof and wood dividers between classrooms with rows of benches for the students. Annette, headmistress of Seya School, is one of our most beloved people here in Uganda. She treats us to food every time we go out there and gives us delicious juice that is miraculously cold. Annette and her husband Josiah are gems and so fun to sit and talk with while we wait for bodas. They have a little girl named Dawn that had a great fear of Mzungus the first time we went, but now she gets the biggest smile every time we show up. The school has almost filled their latrine (it smells really great) so we started work building a new one. The pit latrine was dug by the community and we are starting to build the foundation…hopefully it is stable and no kids fall into the pit of despair.

Seya is the greatest place and we love love love going there. The kids are so cute and so smart, and we love being called “Madame”. One day when we showed up there were 30 or so boys stripping down to their underwear and none of us knew what was going on. They threw their clothes all over the trees and then formed a large circle and started dancing and singing. We finally asked Annette what they were doing and she said they were just exercising and getting some fresh air. We are not sure why they had to take their clothes off to exercise…

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