Thursday, August 9, 2007

Maximizing The Good Times

We are trying to pack everything in these last two weeks.

Building the orphanage is a great way to get a good arm work out in carrying around water jugs from the well to mix cement for mortar and the floor. We also have to have water for making the adobe we use for building and to make the adobe stoves. Just to keep things extra interesting we decided to have a brick passing assembly with our eyes closed. Little did we know the elders had arrived while we were experimenting. They were very entertained. Our most feminine side comes out when we are mixing abode with our bare feet, which pretty much always turns into a mud fight.

Fiona is our new friend who has cerebral palsy and has a nice wheel chair donated by the humanitarian missionaries. She lives out in a village that participates in a women's organization that we are partners with.

The kids in the brick passing line are helping to make a square foot garden at their school. They were really excited and willing to help out. Many of them are orphans and the school has little money to pay for their food, let alone a variety of food to feed them. They eat the same thing everyday so we all decided that helping them have their own little garden project that grows a variety of veggies would be good. The three higher level classes will have their own garden spot to take care of.


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